Do Eyelash Extensions Cause Damage?

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Do Eyelash Extensions Cause Damage?

There are plenty of rumors out there about eyelash extensions, including that they can cause damage to the wearers’ eyes or to their natural lashes. So, do lash extensions damage your lashes? It may surprise you to know that eyelash extensions can be worn year-round without causing any damage to the natural lashes! It all comes down to the application and products lash artists choose. When applied correctly, using quality extensions, adhesives, and other products, eyelash extensions do not do damage to lashes, eyes, or eyelids, and in some cases, can even help keep your clients’ natural lashes conditioned, clean, and well-kept. However, lash professionals can risk damaging their client’s lashes (or even their eyes) if they take certain short-cuts.

We’ve made a name for ourselves at NovaLash by providing lash professionals with reliable, biocompatible products that are focused first and foremost on protecting the health and safety of clients’ eyes and natural lashes. As the safest lash brand on the market, we want to help keep clients safe, healthy, and happy.

If you’re a lash professional, here are a few ways lash extensions can cause damage to your clients’ eyes, and how to avoid them. If you’re thinking about getting lash extensions yourself, these tips can help you find a lash artist who will prioritize your health and safety.

Always Use Tested, High-Quality Lash Adhesive

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes? Often, the stories about eyelash extensions and damage happen as a result of attempting to apply lashes with improper lash adhesive. (There are even some scary accounts of people trying to apply their own lash extensions using superglue—or worse, lash artists who’ve used this questionable tactic themselves). Because the adhesive you use is what bonds the lash extensions to your clients’ eyes, it’s highly important to choose a high-quality, scientifically tested adhesive like NovaLash’s Sensitive Eyes (or any of our other adhesives). Poor-quality adhesive dries brittle, which can cause adhesive to flake into your eyes and cause irritation, or create poor hygienic conditions.

High-quality, rubberized lash adhesive should bend with the movement of your eyes, should be able to withstand regular cleanings, and should keep your eyes healthy and your lashes looking good. Using a professional-grade adhesive from NovaLash will not only increase retention time on your lashes, you’ll have the peace of mind that your eyes, lids, and lashes will be safe from damage.

Emphasize Proper Lash Extension Hygiene and Aftercare

A big part of what causes eye irritation is not lash extensions themselves, nor even the lash adhesive, but rather poor lash hygiene. Many people believe that they cannot or should not wash their lashes. They worry that their lashes might fall out, or that the soap or cleanser will erode the lash adhesive – and unfortunately, some lash professionals use products that can’t withstand washing. The truth is that you should always wash your lash extensions and maintain proper eyelash hygiene. If you skip washing, or if you refuse to wash your lashes at all, you’ll might  start to notice a growing population of eyelash mites in your extensions. With mites come a greater risk of bacterial infection in your eyelids, in the follicles of your lashes, or in your eyes themselves. Thankfully, NovaLash’s adhesive and lashes can withstand regular hygiene – and following proper lash hygiene can actually help NovaLash eyelash extensions last longer! NovaLash has made aftercare simple, by adding all that you’ll need for proper aftercare and lash hygiene to a single Aftercare Kit. No matter what, you always need to make sure that you’re taking care of your lash extensions and cleaning them regularly.

Take The Condition of Natural Lashes Into Account

Another way that lash extensions can cause damage to your natural lashes is when they are applied improperly to unhealthy, brittle, or broken natural lashes. Maintaining the health of your natural eyelashes is important for lash extensions because the process of applying lash extensions involves adhering the synthetic lashes to your existing natural lashes. Lash professionals should always examine the health and length of your natural lashes to ensure the extensions won’t cause damage.

The NovaLash Difference: Damage-Free Eyelash Extensions

NovaLash is the first lash extension company, and one of the only eyelash extension companies which emphasizes health and safety at every step of the way. From scientifically-tested eyelash extensions to physician-developed training and eyelash extension-friendly makeup, we’re here to ensure your lashes look great without endangering the health of your eyes and natural lashes.


Blog post written by Lauren Cuevo of NovaLash, 2022. View original blog post here.

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