Circadia and Sustainability

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Circadia and Sustainability

In honour of Earth Day in April, we want to share what sustainability means to Circadia and our business operations, as we believe we are all responsible for protecting our planet any chance we get.

While creating effective and innovative products is at the heart of our foundation, we also follow sustainable manufacturing and production practices whenever possible to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and humans. 

We source our botanicals from around the world using ECO-Cert Organic Botanicals that are globally recognized for purity. We also choose to use plant stem cells that are ethically sourced and uniquely cultured, allowing us to continually use one plant as our renewable source. This process allows us to avoid ingredients that require significant cultivation resources on an ongoing basis.

For more in-depth education on stem cell technology, please visit CircadiaU where Circadia CEO Michael Q. Pugliese gives you a peek behind our formulary curtain.

Your health is important to us too. Our products are clean, as we don’t use GMO, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and our products are BPA-free.

Our packaging includes soy-based ink that is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Circadia decided the benefits of using soy-based ink, instead of petroleum-based ink, outweigh the additional drying time that it requires to ensure the ink doesn’t rub off. 

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop here. We constantly seek ways to improve our processes and lower our carbon footprint so we can do our part in protecting the planet. 


Blog post written by Circadia®, 2023. View original blog post here.

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