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Luxe Derma Partners is proud to partner with the remarkable branding and web design services of Juliana Laface Design.


Juliana began her career as an Edmonton website designer and graphic designer in 2012, when she graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s in Design. She has worked for various companies and organization as a graphic designer and marketing professional, but what makes her unique is that she worked in the beauty industry as a marketing professional and understands your spas needs.


Every entrepreneur has a goal in mind when marketing their small business. Whether you want to increase your number of monthly website visitors, improve online sales, or book more appointments— you want to see a return on your investment.


As a website designer and brand creator who also happens to be a small business owner, Juliana carefully considered each of her services, honing in on the offerings that provide her clients with the greatest gains.


Ultimately, she wants to provide you with an unforgettable design, because that’s what she would want for her own business.


There are several business benefits associated with hiring a professional graphic and web designer, including:

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Enhanced brand loyalty and trust
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • A clear business personality
  • Strengthen industry position

Her ultimate goal is to support small businesses by giving them a personalized aesthetic their target audience will recognize and resonate with. If you need a logo, website, or other supporting marketing materials, Juliana can help!


Are You Ready to Have a Brand and Website That’s Remarkable By Design?
Work with Juliana today!

On-going support is part of our commitment to you. Luxe Derma Patners is excited to offer additional product discounts, packages, web and social media content, and a 30-day marketing guideline book to all partners who sign on to work with Juliana.


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